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Project Management - A 360 Degree Birds Eye View

Project managers wrestle with mountains of information. Throughout the course of a project, they have to track, organise, and communicate on everything from finances and scheduling to risk scenarios, human resource assignments, and project deliverables.

In addition, the people involved might not all be at the same location or even on the same continent, let alone working for the same organisation.

The Project Manager has to create a vision of the project, organise the resources required and then keep everything on track to a required quality through to completion.

Plus there will always be the point when the project needs to be re-prioritised and this is going to be the most critical moment in a project life cycle.

Using well defined processes and project management software is a given and we generally like to think we are at the top of our game and bring best-of-breed solutions to everything that we do, but wouldn’t it be easier if we could add some memory to all the people involved, in the same way you can add memory to a PC to cope with the piles and piles of information we need to remember?

One solution is to use mapping software to visualise complex information in an organised, easy-to-understand format. The map provides a 360 degree view of all the project’s components and processes and allows for project roll-outs as well as for re-prioritising abilities.

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