RM Ships EEE PC 900 Laptop as Minibook

Education Specialist RM has added the EEE PC 900 to its range of cheap laptops for schools, selling it as the miniBook with a low price of £285+VAT; although the older version will still be available from £159 - if you buy 51 of them or more.

The new laptop features a biger screen, 1GB memory and 12GB hard disk space (up to 20GB if the school chooses Linux) as well as a multi-touch touchpad and a better webcam; the other specs - including the Celeron 900MHz and the IO ports - will remain the same.

The EEE PC 900 will come with a customised version of Windows XP Home, although some schools may prefer to use Linux - and save a few pounds - or switch to Windows XP pro for a price.

The original version which was released last October sold more than 23,000 to date and RM expects to shift more than 50,000 EEE PC 900 by the end of the year.