Sony's 8MP C905 Shooter Marks End Of Cheap Digital Camera Era

The Sony C905 mobile phone has finally reached Britain and this Cybershot model is set to make life for entry level and mainstream digital camera vendors a bit more difficult.

As mentioned last week, the C905, dubbed Shiho, is a slider phone capable of taking superb 8.1-megapixel photos assisted by a Zenon flash and an array of features like image stabilisation, red-eye reduction and auto-focus face detection as well.

Still Sony has chosen to use a CMOS sensor which purists may not appreciate.

Other points worth noting include a superb 2.4-inch scratch-resistant LCD monitor, Geo-tagging, GPS, HSDPA and Wi-Fi support as well as a 2GB M2 Micro Memory stick.

The phone will be available in a number of colours including a gorgeous Copper Gold enclosure.

The phone won't be available till Q4 according to some sources, which means that other manufacturers, like Samsung, may release phones with similar configurations before Sony's C905.