“Super Hacker” Gary Mckinnon Bids to Adjourn Deportation

The British Hacker Gary McKinnon, who was found guilty of breaching Pentagon’s security, is going to take his fight against deportation to the law lords.

According to the recent reports, McKinnon who was accused of causing extensive damage of around £475,000 to the US, by hacking 97 computer systems that belonged to the US military, NASA and Pentagon, does not want to be extradited to the US.

He told the House Of Lords that the US prosecutor had claimed that they would “fry” him.

His lawyers are arguing to deny this extradition on the grounds that their client is merely a victim of the oppressive US prosecution who had forcefully dragged him into the plea bargain.

They claim that Mckinnon has been receiving “improper threats”.

They added that he was told that if he accepts the crime his punishment may be reduced and if he does not follow the advice, he would be given a life time sentence.

He claims that the attacks were not intentional, and he was just trying to find an evidence to prove that the US is trying to conceal the presence of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs).

But the US alleged that McKinnon not only tried to destroy the equipment, he also stole some sensitive files which may be used by the anti-US groups.

The lawyers of McKinnon are a little worried as the extradition may send their client to jail for a minimum of 45 years.