T-Mobile To Sell Apple iPhone for One Euro in Europe

Mobile Service Provider T-Mobile will sell 3G iPhones for One Euro in Germany, Netherlands and Austria according to various news outlets, but only if they sign up for the more expensive monthly contracts.

The 16GB version of the phone will cost up to 250 Euros on the cheapest 29 Euros per month plan.

The decision of allowing networks to subsidise Apple's iPhones has had a very positive impact on prices and perception and will almost certainly allow Apple to sell much more iPhones in the next few months.

This will also help service providers like T-Mobile sell the dearer monthly price plans and lock their customers for much longer periods; in the German operator's case, up to 24 months.

The 3G iPhone will be on sale in 70 countries on the 11th of July although PCAdvisor reports that Orange has posted a notice on its website saying that the iConic phone will be on sale on the17th of July.