UK Business Failing To Prevent Devastating Internal Security Weaknesses

Research carried out on behalf of IT Resellers Bell Micro suggests that UK businesses are still failing to address the protection of data assets on the network from staff abuse, misuse or direct theft.

Nearly half (47%) of the respondents questioned at InfoSecurity Europe 2008 believed their companies were yet to implement real time systems that would inform IT departments if security levels were breached.

Most respondents in IT based roles (74%) recognise, and work to protect, against the danger of rogue connections such as customer or contractor laptops yet almost half (43%) were failing to enforce a policy of encrypting data on portable devices - such as personal laptops, PDAs and removable media.

Worse still, 62% of respondents indicated that IT departments would be unable to detect if an employee copied data off a server onto a PC, laptop, USB stick or a disk.

While security remains a key investment for UK businesses, this latest research suggests that critical network security services are either yet to be broadly adopted or have been purchased but incorrectly implemented.