Flock Introduced A New Version Of Its Social Browser

Flock has released a beta version of its Social browser which promises several enhancements brought onboard when Flock developers used Mozilla Firefox 3 code.

Version 2.0 sheds away historical code inherited from Firefox 2.0, which means less performance issues and more security features as well.

Flock incorporates a wide variety of features ranging from unleashing creativity on You Tube, to connecting with our friends on Twitter.

Also high on the agenda is compatibility with Social News website Digg and Social Networking website Facebook

Flock's media bar enables the user to view images from Flickr, without visiting it directly; reports suggests that Flock should be able to use all the add-ons of Firefox.

Flock features a special characteristic that allows the user to view what their friends are doing on other services.

With such broad set of features, Flock has become an integrated and interesting tool for social interactions.