IBM not going the open source way with DB2

IBM refuted claims that it will make its database server, DB2, open source sooner rather than later, after several tech news websites have mentioned that distinct possibility.

The director of information management software at IBM U.K earlier said that the changing conditions of the database market will make IBM open source its database.

After the statement, IBM issued an email that stated clearly that "IBM has no plans to open source DB2".

IBM has already made its DB2 free to use, but the company makes money from support contracts so it really does not need to open source its database server.

The company is known as a supporter of open source technology, but IBM makes investments in open source technology for very astute strategical reason.

IBM's database server brings in the second highest revenues, competing with other databases but it terms of popularity, it runs far behind others.

Open sourcing DB2 would actually be detrimental to IBM's future as it runs the risk of losing on the revenues that DB2 brings in.