Met Office Revs Up Its Live Weather Content By Pushing Forecasts To Your Mobile

The commercial branch of UK weather forecasting department, Met Office Media, announces its intentions to provide weather forecast live videos on mobile and other digital media devices.

Realizing the significance of weather updates among mobile Internet users, Met Office has decided to broadcast packaged video weather data on 3G phones, to help the UK citizens to get abreast with the weather of their surroundings.

Previously Met Office had been offering two-dimensional weather graphics through MobiTV, and its website usually has an average count of 1 million visitors.

Setting-up a new studio in Millibank will enable Met Office to deliver packaged live video weather content to mobile users in UK.

Met Office is a globally trusted enterprise and it is already providing its services to BBC, ITN, ITV, Channel4 and others.

Commercial Business Director of the Met Office, Phil Johnston, mentioned that the move will facilitate their clients in fetching significant rewards from the sponsors and their partnering with Met Office will be fully justified.