Microsoft to Establish Search Technology Center in Europe

After setting up a search technology center in Beijing, Microsoft is all set to open another one in Europe, sometime in the next fiscal year.

The location of the center is not yet decided and a number of places in the continent are under consideration.

Microsoft is eyeing on catching the Google’s influence in the search engine market and the proposed center will provide an insight to the company about the searching habits and preferences of the residents of Europe.

The move is said to be in line with Microsoft’s recent declaration of ‘Live Search Cashback’ scheme, in which the user gets rebate in buying products, they see while searching with the company’s engine.

The company resources said that the new center will help in accelerating the investments in Live Search from Microsoft and thereby reshuffling the advertising and search marketplace for the benefits of both consumers and advertisers.

“Searchers have different expectations and experiences in every geography in the world”, said Satya Nadella, Senior VP, Microsoft, and the company is pooling good investments as their efforts to match the region-wise search needs.