New Firefox Browser Smashes 6-million Downloads Barrier

Firefox's Third Opus has been released yesterday and already appears to be taking the world by storm with some estimating that the 8-million downloads barrier will be smashed by the end of the day.

The quest to establish a brand new Guinness world record started badly as users swamped Mozilla servers and literally brought them to their knees.

In comparison, 1.6 million Firefox 2.0 downloads were recorded on the release day, back in October 2006 and there are currently 175 million users worldwide.

The Guardian reports that Mozilla foundation servers clocked up to 14,000 downloads per minutes, a rate that is bound to rise as European users awake.

Firefox currently is a distant second behind market leader Internet Explorer, although the gap between the two is getting marginally smaller, especially in Europe and Asia.

Users who have downloaded recent nightly builds, release candidates and beta versions will not notice great differences; Firefox 3 is faster, more stable, less memory-hungry and has better security features.

You can view the download count in real time and download the Firefox Browser here.