Nvidia launches CPU-Like GeForce GTX 200 GPUs

Nvidia has released its next generation GeForce GTX 200-series Graphic Processing Units (GPUs) which includes the GeForce GTX 260 and GeForce GTX 280.

The Graphics company claims that the GTX 200 range is the most powerful GPU family ever build - something that has been confirmed in several tests, although Nvidia appears to have chosen the brute force method to Graphics nirvana rather than more elegant ways.

The tagline of the new launched series is, “Gaming Beyond”, which itself narrates the Nvidia’s efforts of taking gaming closer to the dynamic realities of the world.

The series is manufactured by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), Taiwan, and it is fabricated on a 65nm process with almost 1.4 billion transistors, which rivals the likes of x86 microprocessors

The chip is 576 square mm in area and it is the largest GPU TSMC has ever built ; this means a number of things; the GTX 200 will be expensive, hot, bulky and will certainly be a performance champion.