Palm's Centro: A Cheaper Smartphone With Upgraded Features

It seems that the Palm Inc. is making a strong push into the smartphone market with the introduction of its new Centro VZW.

Industry analysts have strongly recommended that Palm needs to revamp its platform in order to rebuild its market share, particularly to compete with Apple's iPhone.

This small-sized Centro for VZW, is based on the Palm OS and features a full QWERTY keyboard, Bluetooth wireless, a touchscreen, a 1.3 megapixel camera with a microSD slot to enable memory expansion.

Other features include a document editor and viewer along with push-email with ample support from Good Messaging and Xpress Mail.

For unlimited data, the customers will be charged $29.99/month.

If the customers wish to enjoy Internet based on broadband PC, they have to pay an extra $30 in addition to the monthly charge.

The new Centro Version will offer better audio, improved mobile voice control, faster AOL Instant Messaging (AIM).

This new Palm Centro smartphone is expected to hit the Canadian market very soon.

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