PayPal And eBay Unveil New Developers Portal

PayPal and eBay have come up with a new software specially for the third-party applications called Developers Central Portal.

Reports suggest that the developers can use this program to utilize their tools by monetizing, promoting and integrating the third party applications.

eBay proclaimed that the developers who wish to build applications for Echo will have complete access to eBay data that includes Listing Templates, Automation Rules, Product Details and Selling Manager Pro Inventory.

The company also announced that it will support the developers by providing more data for applications.

One of the features of the program is Echo Promotion Engine, which is expected to provide placements and real time promotions for Echo applications within the site flows of eBay .

The portal also offers 25 programing interfaces that enables the online retailers to receive and send money through Internet, check transaction history, refund transactions, and manage subscriptions.

eBay is expecting around 10,000 buyers and sellers to attend this week's Chicago conference which kickstarts tomorrow and ends on Saturday.