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Stand by your beds - best of 2600 coming soon...

I've been an avid reader - and subscriber - to 2600, the hacker quarterly, for many years, so it's good to see that the `Best of 2600' book is being released shortly.

The book, which spans 24 years of hacking and phone phreaking history, is billed as a must-read for "anyone interested in the history of hacking or the evolution of the entities devoted to combat the effects of hackers."

The book is billed as detailing the (h)activities of Kevin Mitnick and Phiber Optik, to mention but a few industry luminaries, and the book promises to include more than a few features written by these uber-hackers.

The 900-page book should be out later in the summer and is being published - it says here - in time for the next HOPE conference.

You can pre-order the book now - here - or wait (ahem) for some kind soul to scan the publication and upload a PDF.

As happened many times with the Hacker's Handbook, a book wot yours truly wrote in the late 1980s with a colleague.

Now there's history...