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Toshiba's New Qosmio Laptop Lineup Brings In PS3 Technology

Toshiba's Qosmio laptop range is not known for its subtleties or for its charms - unlike its Protege range - but then the F50, the G50 and the X300, three newly launched Tosh laptops, were never intended for the same audience.

All three models feature onboard quadcore processors with enough power to match their desktop cousin; these however are not bog standard x86 models but rather Toshiba's new Quad Core HD processors - also known as SpursEngine.

These are specifically targeted at the media market and are based on the Cell architecture - the same that makes up the Playstation 3 - and bring together four Synergistic Processor Elements (SPE) that are dedicated to make media handling a doodle.

More specifically, T3 claims that the machines can upscale bog standard DVDs to HD quality films rather than bundling an expensive Blu-ray drive like many other manufacturers.

On top of that, the laptops are equipped with hand gesture controls using a series of predetermined, hard coded gestures - which the owner won't be able to modify - and which will be captured by the onboard webcam.

The main difference between the F50 and the G50 lies with the screens : the F50 has a 15.4-inch model while the G50 brings in a 18.4-inch model, both of which are in widescreen format.

As for the X300 model, it is a Red-themed Gamer oriented laptop with Nvidia's SLI technology, Harman Kardon Audio system, a Core2 Duo Extreme CPU, up to 640GB storage (using two 320GB disks) and up to 8GB memory.

It seems that big bad, desktop replacement laptops are becoming popular as Toshiba is the third mainstream manufacturer after Dell and Acer to launch such a product.

Pricing as well the exact release dates have yet to be announced.

Toshiba has yet to put more details of these laptops on their UK website.

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