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Apple Bets on Sproutcore To Break Flash and Silverlight Stranglehold

The iPhone maker is currently working on a Javascript framework that enables Web applications behave like desktop apps in a bid to take down Microsoft's Silverlight and Adobe's Flash (ed: And AIR as well).

The platform is the brainchild of Charles Jolley who has since joined Apple's MobileMe Team and could also compete with Google's own Gears which aim at allowing web apps work offline.

Sproutcore, which will be released as an open source solution, will be compatible with an array of solutions and therefore independent from any potential lock down.

Apple will seek to replicate Cocoa's success and Sproutcore is seen by many as a Cocoa-on-the-web (opens in new tab) project, certainly one of the better things to have come out of Apple's WWDC.

It also means that Apple is slowly building a complete Rich Internet Applications, web-oriented platform, as Ryan Stewart from ZDnet points out, with the Safari browser as the portal, Sproutcore as the Framework and Quicktime as the multimedia glue and a few more bits and pieces.

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