"Computer Illiterate" Acquitted on Child Pornography Charges

Michael Fiola, who was convicted of possessing child pornography, was cleared of the charges after the computer forensic reports revealed that his laptop was infected with detrimental software that was surreptitiously browsing illegal Web sites.

Fiola is described as a “computer illiterate” and his attorney Timothy Bradl claims that he can't handle the Internet.

Tami Loerhs, a computer forensic analyst who examined Fiola's laptop, concluded that a malware was responsible for all the confusion which lead to the charges.

She added that the treatment of Michael Fiola was “horrific”.

Michael Fiola, a 53 year-old investigator with the US Department of Industrial Accidents, is planning to sue the DIA for firing him without a detailed investigation, maintaining his life and reputation have been permanently damaged.