The Emergence of a Participatory Culture

There is an emerging movement afoot amongst consumers and the media that has been labeled the “participatory culture”.

Defined as new ways of life that lead people to create and circulate new self-made content including video, audio, text, and images, the movement is taking shape and being popularised by consumer social networking sites such as Facebook, flickr, and Wikipedia that encourage mass participation and collaboration.

The participatory culture is changing the way people and the media communicate and actively engage. This sense of participation – becoming highly prevalent with consumers, is strongly extending into the culture of the enterprise.

This concept that has heretofore been reserved for everyday life and the media is now taking shape in the workplace. Namely, that the participatory culture is being enabled and is proliferating among a larger population of workers that need to interact, form on-the-fly communities, and convey self-made content and contributions in entirely new ways.

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