Reddit Now Open Source

The popular crowd voting site in a major decision announced its intention to go open source.The new change in Reddit's policy is all set to bring in improvements to the site by independent programmers, while also allowing other sites to use Reddit's engine.

Steve Huffman, co-founder of Reddit, said that one of the main reasons behind that decision is the large programmer crowd frequenting the site. These very programmers are expected to participate in improving the site in a way similar to Mozilla.

By going open source, Reddit also intends to give its powerful rival Digg a run for its money. Reddit already has a reputation of more transparency than Digg for showing who is voting a particular story down, an option its powerful rival is lacking.

A lot of Reddit is based on open source material, and by open sourcing its code, Reddit wants to give back to the community, Steve Huffman said.

However, Reddit has decided not to make 5% of its codes public.

Reddit's code can be found at