Citibank servers hacked - engineers draw cash for free

According to news reports, two men have made a small fortune after they hacked into a Citibank server that processes ATM transactions for the bank across North America.

The two men - from Brooklyn - are said to have managed to withdraw at least $750,000 in readies from Citibank ATMs during February.

In his news report, Kevin Poulsen - yes, that Kevin Poulsen - says that this is the first time a bank's servers have been hacked to allow unauthorised ATM cash withdrawals.

And I have to agree with him.

Citibank has apparently denied its systems were hacked, but, says Wired, the bank was warned by the FBI back in February that "a Citibank server that processes ATM withdrawals at 7-Eleven convenience stores had been breached."

Two Ukrainians have been charged over the alleged hacking spree and a court case is looming.

Even though Citibank reckon nothing has happened.

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