Firefox 3.0 Gets Grand Response On Its First Day

With the release of the Firefox 3.0 browser, Mozilla might just enter the Guinness Book of World Records, for the whopping eight million hits for download in a single day.

Within the 24 hours of the software release, it was downloaded an amazing eight million times, claims Mozilla.

This is well beyond the Mozilla's expectation of five million, and it supersedes the 1.6 million mark for Firefox 2.0, introduced in 2006.

The attempt to set the download record was almost shattered in the beginning, as the servers collapsed due to excessive traffic of visitors checking the availability of the software new version.

The data from the servers has been handed over to the Open Source Laboratory at Oregon University for verification.

The auditing experts mentioned that the final figure won't include the duplicate or incomplete downloads.

However, some of the luster of the launch was taken away by reports of first flaws detected in the program.