EU Seeks To Boost E-commerce Across Europe's Frontiers

The recent launch of the Nintendo Wii-Fit showed that sometimes, the best deals (and availability) for bargains, are to be found across the Channel which is why the European Commission will be redoubling its efforts to remove trade barriers which are preventing European e-commerce from prospering.

In a statement, the Commissioner, Meglena Kuneva said "Consumers and retailers are beginning to embrace e-commerce at national level but internal market barriers still persist online. The potential of the online internal market to deliver greater choice and lower price to consumers and new markets for retailers is considerable".

A EU-backed study showed that more than 50 percent of consumers with internet access had made online purchases with a fraction having purchased goods across the border.

Other than trying to bring down prices, there are also a few more logical reasons why people prefer to buy closer to home; quality of service, language barriers, potential warranty issues, possibility of financial fraud etc.

But the truth remains that companies, especially in the travel sector, often fleece customers by imposing higher charges when purchasing from one country compared to another.