The FIRST Security Conference – what is it?

Last year I wrote the following blog on the FIRST Security conference.

FIRST is essentially a non-profit making organisation. Many of the speakers are commercially independent consultants working for businesses, governments, educational establishments and charities as opposed to security vendors and the few vendors that have been allowed to speak are discouraged from talking about their products.

Chatting with some of the attendees and presenters about their thoughts about FIRST was quite enlightening. Many enjoy the FIRST security conferences because:-

• they have both technical and managerial content.

• they show problems and then offer solutions to those problems.

• focus on issues rather than having talks about the latest fashionable security breach without any solution

Check out the tracks by going to

Remember that FIRST consists of people from all round the world who belong to the corporate and national computer emergency response teams and the one thing that these people are most interested in are solutions to many of the security problems we face daily.

An article from last year’s Computer Weekly magazine give’s an idea of why many enjoy coming to FIRST

Since writing the original blog I feel that two other reasons people enjoy being here include:-

• Networking with others

• Special interest groups (SIGS)