Major Canadian debit card hacking ring uncovered

It seems that the US is not alone in being a hotbed of criminal actyivity when it comes to cloned debit cards, as reports are surfacing about eight people being rounded up in Canada in connection with a debit card cloning scam worth US$1 million.

The Canadian police say they are also looking for a ninth person, in connection with the scam which saw the crims switch PINpads at a number of retail outlets.

The PINpads worked normally for the retailer, but also transmitted the data stream wirelessly to allow the crims to create cloned cards quite easily.

A total of 15 stores, mainly in the Montreal area, appear to have been hit by the fraudsters and, say police, more than 1,000 cardholders have complained to their banks about unauthorised charges.

The case is interesting as, as I've said before, cases like this in the UK tend to get swept under the corporate carpet is a bid to maintain public confidence in the chip and sPIN system...