Microsoft's Security Patch Fails, New Patch Issued

The security patch MS08-030, which was aimed at solving a vulnerability of Bluetooth software, has failed to serve its purpose.

Earlier this month, Microsoft had released the security patch MS08-030 to solve Windows XP's vulnerability problem that was linked with the Bluetooth's in-built protocol stack, but the vulnerability continued and the patch failed.

Now Microsoft has come up with an upgraded security patch, and has asked people to reinstall the patch, as the earlier version was unable to fix the problem.

Christopher Bud of Microsoft said that the investigation revealed that except Windows XP service pack 2 and service pack 3, all other security patches were providing ample security for the issues that were discussed in the bulletin.

Bud also said that he is not sure as to how the problem occurred, but he admits that the most likely cause is "human errors" and he promised that the company will try to prevent such critical flaws in future.

The company stated that the updated patch can be automatically obtained through the Microsoft Update and Windows Update Services.

In addition to this, the Microsoft Download Center website also allows the user to download the new version manually.