Motorola Seeks To Conquer China With 5MP Motozine ZN5 Camera Phone

Perhaps a sign of things to come, Motorola will debut its latest phone in the red hot Chinese market in July; the MotoZine ZN5 is also Motorola's first phone to be developed in partnership with Photography firm Kodak.

The phone, which is a direct competitor to Sony's forthcoming C905, will feature a 5-megapixel digital camera with autofocus, a Xenon flash and up to 4GB memory thanks to a card reader.

The candybar device also comes with "ModeShift" technology which changes the keypad depending on the mode used; designwise though the rounded shape of the ZN5 is reminiscent of older Motorola phones, desperately in need of some liposuction.

Other than that; you will get a Quad-band, WiFi compatible mobile with 350MB onboard memory, which can access the web but will still have an impossibly small screen.

The C905 is also the first Motorola phone to carry the Motozine Franchise name which, according to Motorola, will target multimedia-hungry users, although the lack of Optical zoom means that it will probably be a cheap substitute for other 5-megapixel rivals.