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Myspace Is Toppled As Facebook Becomes The Top Social Networking Site

Figures published by Internet Information Provider Firm, Comscore, showed that Facebook has outperformed Myspace in the race for the title of most popular social networking website.

Facebook recorded a massive 162 percent increase in the all important monthly number of unique visitors in May 2008, reaching an all time high of more than 123 million while Myspace grew only marginally during the same period to reach 114 million visitors.

But Myspace is still well ahead of Facebook when it comes to the US market with 73 million unique visitors compared to 35 million for Mark Zuckerberg's company.

The news comes as Rupert Murdoch dismissed Facebook as being a spur of the moment phenomenon, nothing more than a Directory, as he spoke at an advertising festival in Cannes, France.

The statistics released by Comscore do not cover non-English speaking versions of Facebook or Myspace with both social websites promising to launch more localised versions and translated services as well as other add-on features like widgets and developer tools.

Myspace has just released a brand new site redesign to attract more advertising money, something that is desperately lacking.

Facebook is valued at $15 billion while Myspace (and other related properties) was bought by Murdoch's News Corp for a mere USD 580 million three years ago.

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