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Survey Reveals The Truth About Snoopy IT Professionals

A recent survey by the security firm Cyber-Ark claims that at least one third of IT professionals at an organization access prohibited data.

Almost one third IT professionals are found to illegally sneak a peek into the administrative set-up of their organization for the purpose of gathering confidential information, including salary details, important meetings and e-mails, as reported by a recent survey.

Nearly half of the 300 IT professionals surveyed by the US information security firm Cyber-Ark, had accessed the information which is irrelevant to their role.

The study also revealed that the privileged passwords seldom gets changed which allows the ex-officials to access the desired information easily.

Only 30 percent of the IT staff admitted to changing the passwords every quarter, whereas nine percent have never changed it at all, thereby permitting the ex-IT staff to eavesdrop into the security network.

It was also found that a large chunk of the officials still use some of the outdated and insecure methods, such as e-mails, couriers and even postal service, to exchange sensitive information.

The high degree of security lax is shocking in an industry where any leak in information can cause great loss to an IT organization.

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