UK Broadband Speed Test Results Show Congestion Still an Issue

UK broadband users are still affected by slower speeds at peak times as broadband providers networks suffer congestion according to broadband analysts,

"With reliability of broadband speed now the consumers top issue when comparing broadband suppliers we have taken the results of all the speedtests and looked at performance over different time periods for individual suppliers so we can see which provide the most robust service" Says Edd Dawson from

The results not surprisingly show that overnight and during the daytime average speeds are higher than through the peak evening period. However the disparity is more evident at individual supplier level with some suppliers seeing much lower speeds during the peak periods than off-peak.

"Some suppliers such as BE, O2 and Orange manage to keep average speeds high across all time periods suggesting a good level of network capacity, whereas other see their speeds drop quite significantly during the peak periods suggesting that they struggle with capacity" adds Dawson.

The silver lining with the results for May 2008 is that on average broadband speeds as tested over the UK are still rising with the average download speed across all providers now at 3.36Mbps an improvement of 0.13Mbps on April 2008's average of 3.23Mbps, and a great improvement of 0.69Mbps on the November 2007 average of only 2.67Mbps.