Video calling – The nowhere service

In the late 90’s visiting network apparatchiks to Nokia would be shown some of the blue sky mobile services, such as WAP, SMS ringtones, interactive services and the like.

One of the knocked up concepts that got a little more attention involved a demo of two way video calls using low resolution cameras linked into painfully slow WiFi enabled laptops.

A bit basic but got the idea across.

Now a decade later and who uses video calling? No one! Too expensive is one reason, but all the jokes made then, about the way we look first thing in the morning etc, were actually true.

Few want to see stubble, mad hair or worse at breakfast, or be caught lying to the boss.

Instead we float away in quiet ignorance of each others foibles, and so the great hope of 3G video calling fades. Until Apple makes it sexy of course. 2009 anyone?