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Collaboration can be smarter

In some way or another we all collaborate, whether it is through one to one conversations or in global teams across the web.

Most collaboration technology (PDF document) is geared toward either facilitating the collaborative connection (online conferencing) or presenting the result (PowerPoint, etc).

There are also small groups of technologies that actually help the collaborative process, and synthesises input from every team member.

Think of your day-to-day business. How many meetings do you attend? How productive is the preparation and follow-up?

How much time do you spend searching for information which is stored in different places, on the phone and preparing to meet your deadlines? How much effort is involved in getting colleagues aligned for team projects?

If you were to quantify and analyse all of your planning, research and information processes, you would be surprised how much untapped productivity potential is available.

So often we end up doing things double and fighting with various data formats and applications.

Projects suffer because there is no clear overview and the expertise of some team members is not readily available for others to utilise.

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