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MasterCard working on mobile-2-mobile e-payment technology

Now here's something interesting - it seems that MasterCard is working with a firm called Obopay to develop a mobile-to-mobile phone e-payment system for its cardholders.

The idea, which is well advanced in development terms, is for MC cardholders to being able to use their mobiles to send payments to other MC cardholders' mobiles.

The system is being billed as the first person-to-person e-payment system that uses mobile phones.

The central part of the secure e-payments system is that users will use their mobile numbers to send and receive funds, so their payment account numbers private.

MasterCard isn't saying what timescales it is planning to phase in the mobile e-payment system, but some newswire reports suggest the service is close to being piloted, and will be an extension of the MasterCard Paypass program.