Northern Indiana hit by major card cloning scam

It seems that the Canadian card fraud I reported on yesterday isn't the only scam that has been going on in North America recently, as reports are coming in about a similar cloning fraud in Northern Indiana.

The fraud is sufficiently large enough to involve the FBI, with hackers as far afield as Nigeria, Spain, Russia and the Ukraine allegedly being involved.

According to newswire reports, the FBI became involved early last week after police in Indiana asked for the agency's assistance, after a total of eight card issuers in the state reported wide-scale fraud against their customers.

Interestingly, the fraudsters appear to have not been too greedy, with most of the withdrawals coming in under the $200 mark, although one punter is reported to have lost almost $4,000 in multiple withdrawals made against their account.

So far the FBI says it has narrowed the fraud down to a single bank ATM that was compromised during the first ten days in May.

Which just goes to show that it pays to check the cash machine you're using for signs of tampering before using it...