Rumour Mill : Amazon MP3 UK Store to Launch Imminently

Apple's iTunes party could be over fairly soon if rumours are right; Amazon is set to debut its MP3 digital music download online store before October according to the Sunday Telegraph newspaper.

Amazon MP3 will surely give Apple a run for its money by providing with DRM-free files in MP3 format in the highest bit rate at a lower cost cost and with wide range of songs as wide - 3.3 million songs.

The e-tailer will use the UK market as the springboard to an international rollout of Amazon MP3 which will certainly see it invade the turf of Apple iTunes in key markets like France or Germany.

Record companies are keen to get other players on the market as Apple's iTunes has managed to corner the market and get music companies to agree by its terms (rather than theirs).

Amazon MP3 often provides with free MP3 songs from up and coming artists as well as heavily discounted albums - The Police's Synchronicity is currently going for £1.

It would be interesting to see whether Amazon folds Audible with its MP3 section to create a one stop shop.