Bezos Joins Twitter : Is Amazon Planning Something Big for the Startup?

San Francisco-based Communications startup, Twitter, has officially announced that Spark Capital and Bezos Expeditions are coming onboard as investors with Bijan Sabet, from Spark Capital, joining their board.

Now that Jeff Bezos - who also has some financial interest in 37signals - has expressed its interest in the company, some have already read the runes and foreseen a future acquisition of the firm by

Twitter has reinvented itself as a communication utility rather than a mere gimmick and this looks spookily similar to what happened when Ebay became interested in Skype and ended up forking billions to acquire it.

Twitter is no Skype though and is still a rather small but promising startup; its users might be heavy web users and very much highly engaged but unlike Skype, Twitter does not have a proper revenue stream.

But many luminaries like Dave Winer and Michael Arrington are convinced that Twitter could become as ubiquitous as SMS, text or IM.

And for someone like Jeff Bezos, that's a safe bet that could yield huge dividends.