Google Woos Its Advertisers With New AdPlanner Tool

Google has come up with a new offering which is designed to help its advertisers effectively track their target audiences.

The search giant has launched a new tool called AdPlanner, which provides the advertisers all the essential data of their potential customers – including the demographic aspects - which can help them build appropriate advertising strategy.

The tool will assist the advertisers in purchasing the most suitable advertising space, as AdPlanner familiarize them with the websites that their target audience often visits.

Apart from using its own search engine, Google will also use third party sources to gather the required information about the online consumer behaviour.

As of now, Google seems to assist its existing advertising customers in making objective decisions for placing their advertisements on most visited websites.

The service presents an analytical picture of online advertising and it helps the advertisers explore the web market in a better manner.

This will also benefit Google as it will substantially increase the amount of money advertisers spend on online advertising.