Microsoft Plans To Pull Out Windows XP, Slowly And Steadily

Microsoft gets ready to pull Windows XP off from the market, almost. Bill Veghte, a senior officer at Microsoft has revealed that 30th June will be the last date for Windows XP, and that it is not going to reconsider it.

From Monday onwards, it will be difficult to buy Windows XP, nonetheless it would not disappear completely. (ed: Except on Ebay)

Veghte has assured the customers they will still find Windows XP, as the computer makers can continue selling PC’s with preinstalled XP.

He added that the company is planning to move forward with its plans by discontinuing the sale of Windows XP, nevertheless, the software will be getting support for another five or six years.

According to the recent reports, Windows XP will continue to be in “mainstream support” for Microsoft until 14th April, 2009 and computers powered with windows XP will stay in the market for few more years.

From July onwards, anyone who wishes to own Windows XP will have to buy Vista and pay a little more to downgrade it to XP.

Veghte also revealed that Microsoft is planning to launch Windows 7 by 2010.