Motorola Ups The Ante With 8MP Alexander Camera Phone

Shortly after announcing the forthcoming release of a 5MP camera phone aptly named Motozine ZN5, various news sources are reporting that Motorola will release another 8MP phone that will set the world alight... apparently.

Alexander (Ed : Not alexanda as some reported) is rumoured to be coming in three months' time and will pack a 8MP camera with a gaming chip - yep, a GPS module and a touchscreen. No hints at whether Kodak will be involved in making the camera module.

The phone will be in direct competition with the C905 and entry level digital cameras especially since both Sony and Motorola have both opted for digital zoom, not optical ones, to save money.

Will Alexander be the phone that will save Motorola from oblivion? Will the Motozine brand be as popular as Razr? Why would Motorola launch a camera with a gaming chip?