O2 Charges Staggering Data Roaming Fees For UK iPhone Users Travelling Overseas

With the new 3G iPhone ready to be launched, Apple along with O2 has announced the roaming rates for their data download services.

O2 declared that it will charge 3 pounds per MB for downloads in EU countries, while in other countries it will cost 6 pounds per MB. The rates apply only to the overseas travellers from UK.

This means that a roaming iPhone user must think twice before downloading his favourite TV show onto his iPhone as that means astounding bills in the near future.

O2 is not the only one charging exorbitant amounts of money for its data roaming facilities, Orange charges 8 pounds per MB and T-Mobile charges 7.50 pounds per MB for data download from any place in the world.

However, since iPhone provides its users broadband quality downloads, iPhone users are more likely to download on the go.

A likely solution is to not download anything while roaming but some features like the automatic email update feature of iPhone initiates automatic downloads that does not require the permission of the user.

A user who does not want to download while roaming should just switch off the feature for data roaming.

However, those who have to use the download facilities can use data roaming add-ons while roaming.