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Orange Releases Human Powered Phone Charger

While this is actually an old idea, it is nice to see mobile phone companies putting their marketing clout behind a green project; the Orange Dance Charge is a "motion-powered kinetic charger" made up of magnets and weights and use the concept of induction to generate electricity.

Hattie Magee, head of partnerships at Orange UK, posits that the device which will be released at this year's Glastonbury music festival, should be viewed as "a fun, engaging and interactive product which would encourage users to have a laugh while charging their mobile phone and at the same time test out a new energy efficient charging prototype".

The Dance Charge weighs only 180 grams and is worn around the user's arm just like an iPod band, albeit a much bigger one; Orange will almost certainly be giving these away during the festival and no further plans have been announced - should you want to buy one.

It is not impossible that in a near future, a version which can be worn around for runners' thighs could be launched

Orange has also donated a tent fitted with mini wind turbines and solar panels which can recharge around 100 mobile phones at the same time.

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