Rumour Mill : Yahoo! And Microsoft Coming Back For Some More Buyout Talks

Yahoo's share prices spiked yesterday following rumours that Microsoft and Yahoo! have started fresh new talks about yet another attempt from Microsoft to capture the ailing internet company; they were still trading well below Microsoft's last offer of USD 33 a share.

Many reputable technology news websites including Techcrunch, Cnet and Silicon Alley Insider, have reported that Microsoft and Yahoo are considering a number of options ranging from acquiring parts of the company to a full, complete buyout.

And rather than denying the rumours, Microsoft has actually replied to them with a "no comment" which is a departure from their defensive position.

Since the collapse of the talks with Microsoft earlier this month, Yahoo has struck an advertising deal with Google and has agreed to outsource its search advertising to them.

There have also been persistent rumours of a major reorganisation which could start as early as next weeks, and whose prelude has been the surprise departure of a number of top level executives at Yahoo.