UK Government Debuts £9m Advertising Campaign For Kids

The UK government has announced plans to make the internet safer for Children through better awareness and education and will invest £9m in a marketing campaign.

The action plan for the campaign will use Dr Tanya Byron's review on Child internet Safety as blueprint and will set up a council on child internet safety which will include representatives from various concerned groups and stakeholders..

The e-safety push will be complemented by measures to "address the confusion" surrounding video games ratings, days after a report found out that video games were sold online to underage buyers without the appropriate checks.

At the launch of the campaign, the culture minister Margaret Hodge remarked that "By taking forward Dr Byron's recommendations we will help children to safely navigate the internet and allow parents to make informed decisions about what is appropriate for their child".

In addition, the government will also launch a consultation in the next few weeks to "consider all necessary evidence around current and future video games consultation" as well as encourage an industry wide agreement on standards for in-store information on video games.