Comment : Microsoft To Extend XP Operating System Support Till 2014

Some might say better late than never... Microsoft has yet again defied the odds by announcing that it will provide support for its old but trusty Windows XP Operating System until 2014, that's another whopping six years.

By then, some of us will be wondering whether Brazil will be lifting their sixth World cup in their country while others will say that Windows XP can lay to rest after 13 years of service; that's in essence what Microsoft senior VP Bill Veghte said a few days ago.

Support will be in the form of drivers and patches to fend off security threats and maintain compatibility with more recent piece of hardware.

Windows XP will almost certainly make a comeback as the OS of choice for Ultra Cheap Ultra portables as well as entry level desktop computers which have enough stamina to run Windows XP comfortably - expect tens of millions of licenses to be sold in the next six years.

Still by deciding to literally glue inject bottle of botox to Windows XP's architecture, Microsoft has decided to give up on Vista since Windows Seven is only 18 months away approximately.

Windows Vista may be remembered by may as a mainstream Stop Gap operating system.