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Information Overload – Coming at you from all directions

Apparently 2008 will be the year of information overload according to Canadian research giants Basex. Each day we are exposed to 300 emails on our Blackberry; spam on our computer; instant messaging conversations; and heaps of tasks coming from phone calls, text messages and face-to-face meetings, often resulting in four or five page to-do lists. All this leaves the average working person with hours of unfinished work.

The enterprising individual looks for an innovative way of dealing with the mass of information. Instead of traditional 'to do' lists, which are often dull, ineffective and depressing there is a growing trend of people using special software to create visually-based mind maps.

Mind maps are simple visual 'spider diagrams' used to represent words, ideas or tasks using bubble, pictures and colour.

The result is an effective, fun, and versatile way to document, remember and prioritise your hectic life. They also stimulate your motivation and creativity making them an all-round life-changing tool.

It is used by many famous and successful business people and thinkers, even Einstein (opens in new tab) wrote hundreds of groundbreaking scientific papers using mind maps to organise his thoughts – think what he could have achieved if he had been able to capture and build these diagrams with mind mapping software.

Mindjet makes software that helps people visualise and use information. Its leading software products, enables individuals and teams to work smarter, think creatively, and save time every day