T-Mobile Promises Clients to Match Better Deals From Rivals

T- Mobile has announced a unique scheme with which customers can get matchless minute allowance.

According to the scheme all customers, present and future, who take up a £30 deal are dared to find better deals for the same amount with any other operator. In the case a customer finds such a deal, T-Mobile guarantees to match or beat that offer.

The only catch is that the customer must either use the Solo SMI-only offering or the Combi service which comes with an 18-month contract. The Solo service offers unlimited texts and 1,400 minutes while the Combi offer has unlimited texts and 700 minutes.

The unique tariff plan has been linked to growing customer discontent about the ever changing tariffs of the various mobile operators.

Customers find it difficult to stick to one operator when better offers are available elsewhere and, as a result, keep changing operators.