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Trojan Strikes At Apple's Mac

A detrimental Trojan virus was recently found targeting Apple's Mac operating system.

Intego Security found the latest malware wrapped in a legitimate poker application for Mac OS X known as "Poker Game".

This application is basically a script, packed in an executable (prone to virus) file, which is distributed as a zip file via emails.

If a user tries to open the "Poker Stealer Trojan", the application asks for administrator's password, and if the password is provided, SSH (Secure Shell) is instantly opened by the program to establish communication with another server, explained Intego.

Once the communications between the virus infected computer system and the server begins, the user name, password and the IP address are automatically sent out, which enable hackers to gain control over the computer, damage files, operating systems or perform any other task.

These malicious viruses can even log keystrokes, switch on file sharing and can also activate Apple iSight Camera.

The growing number of attacks on Apple Mac OS shows that Apple's growing popularity is making it more prone to hackers.

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