Charter Communication calls-off its subscriber tracking operation, NebuAd loses out

US based Charter Communications, has finally withdrawn its pre-announced step of tracking the online activities of its subscribers, for replacing advertisements based on their interests.

Its subscribers reacted subsequently after the announcement was made in May, by posting complaining blogs and discussing the issue in various forums.

Company received a letter from two US Congressmen - Edward J Markey, chairman, House Subcommittee on Telecommunications and Internet, and Joe Barton, member, House Subcommittee on Energy and Commerce - questioning the legality of the move, as it will breach privacy of its subscribers.

Representatives from Charter later met these Congressmen to discuss the concerned issues.

Craig Watson, spokesman of the company, has stated that customer's feedback made the company to revisit its plans and finally the further proceedings were stopped.

Charter Communications with technology firm Nebuad had planned to sell the subscriber's details to internet advertisers, Free Press and Public Knowledge reported.

Edward J Markey also urged the other Internet Service Providers to hold-off the implementation of similar user-profiling programs, to address the privacy issues.