Dell Debuts Its Studio Range Of Laptops; Aims At Multimedia Aficionados

Dell has launched their studio line laptops with their two laptops, Studio 15 and Studio 17; which are priced higher than the Dell Inspiron series, but lower than the XPS line.

Studio 15 has a 15.4 inch screen while the Studio 17 has a 17 inch screen weighing 2.77 kg and 3.57 kg respectively.

The most exciting feature of the laptops is that they come in seven colours with a choice of imprints and along with the laptop customers can buy colour coordinated accessories with their laptop (ed: Exciting for whom?).

The laptops feature a dual core Intel Core 2 Duo microprocessor with the support of 4GB memory and 320GB hard disk space with an 8 in 1memory card and a webcam, the studio 15 can also be availed with Advanced Micro Devices chip at retail stores.

Customers will find that 802.11n is optional for them as wireless 802.11 b/g networking is included in the laptop and come with Windows Vista only.

Dell has also put in their own software called Dell Dock that manages the various files in the system in an efficient manner; additionally Dell is looking forward to adding a video chat software also.

Those who want to buy the laptops can do so at Dell's Website or at retail stores.