"Facebook Generation, Blamed For MoD Laptop Theft"

Ministry of Defence has recently found that the recruits of Armed forces, who belong to the "facebook generation", have stopped taking data security seriously.

Ministry of Defence (MoD) seems quite upset with the upcoming "facebook generation" of the Armed forces recruits who do not pay much heed the data security.

MoD in its recent report alleges that the young recruits are used to uninhibited and rapid interchange of information, and that they have no culture for the security of data.

Sir Edmund Burton suggested that sound judgement and common sense could have put a stop to this sort of behaviour.

These investigations were triggered after the laptop theft that took place at Ministry of Defence, Birmingham.

This major security theft was inevitable, because the MoD had stopped implementing "Cold War Discipline", which was used earlier for data security, said Sir Edmund.

He added that these losses also indicate "lack of supervision" and "little awareness" of "Data Protection Act" among the MoD staff.

Fifty one recommendations were made in the report, which includes the implementation of a "coherent system of punishment and censure".